Hospital & activities reports are due by the 10th of each month, reports submitted after the 10th will not be credited until the following month's reporting period. Reports should be the 1st day of the month to the last day of the month, for example:  09/01/2010 - 09/30/2010, you have until 10/10/2010 to have this report into department for credit.  Only send in one Hospital & one Activity report for the month; please do not send in daily or weekly reports.


Reporting Guide

Below is a guide to assist any post member with filing their posts reports on the department website. 

Reporting Guide

View Monthly Hospital & Activities Reports online by clicking on the corresponding report below

Hospital Reports
Hospital Activity Department Totals
Hospital Activity Record Details
Hospital Activity District Totals
Hospital Activity Post Totals
Program Reports
Program Activity Department Totals
Program Activity Record Details
Program Activity District Totals
Program Activity Post Totals


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NOTE:  Those forms below that are noted as "Interactive" means that you can complete the form via your computer.  Simply download the PDF file to your computer (right click - save link as).  Open it and you can type directly into the PDF and then click the "Email" button to send the results to us.  Remember, you must first save the file to your computer. It will not work directly in the browser.
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All-American Dashboard Walkthrough for Post Adjutants.
Department Material
Golf Forms
Membership Order Form 2019
Post Election Report & Convention Mailing 2015
Post Inspection Report
Quartermasters - Detail of Receipts and Disbursements Form
Trustee Audit Report

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All-American Dashboard Walkthrough for Department Adjutants.

District Material
District Inspection Form
Post Inspection Instructions
Post Meeting Inspector Info Sheet
District Election Report
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All-American Dashboard Walkthrough for District Adjutants.

National Material

Amendments and Resolutions Manual
Chaplains Handbook
Document Retention/Destruction Policy
Inspector Training - Phase I
National Leadership Manual
Parliamentary Procedure 101
Quartermasters Manual
Quartermasters Guide to Member Dues Processing
Social Media Overview
Starting a New VFW Post Brochure
Subscription Dues
VFW Mentoring Brochure
VFW National Home for Children Life Membership Form
VFW Programs Leadership Reference Guide
VFW Riders Resolution and Guidelines

Youth Activities / Scholarships
Civil Air Patrol Brochure
Help A Hero Scholarship Brochure
Help A Hero Scholarship FAQ
National Scholarship Brochure
Naval Sea Cadets Brochure
Promoting Youth Programs Guide 
ROTC Brochure