We started the process of compiling VFW/Veteran owned businesses a while back and we'd like to get it going again and create a spot on the website for it. 

Here's what we will need: 

Veteran's Name

Post if applicable 

Business Name & Logo if applicable and you want us to feature it (can hide the html to your website in the logo) 

Contact Info for Business

Website link to Business 

We're not a 100% sure yet on how they lay out of the page will be but we have a couple ideas and we'll see which works best based on the feedback we get. 

One of the ideas is to class the businesses by their industry and the goal would be that if you need work done or looking to purchase a specific product, you could go to this page and find a VFW/Veteran Owned business in your area and can start with getting some quotes from our members businesses. An example of this would be the Carolina Butcher Shop in Angier that is owned by VFW member Tristan Scott or District 9 Commander Van Holly offering CCL classes and things like that. 

We're not looking to charge anyone anything and it wouldn't be this grand marketing thing for them but rather just a means for us to be able to support our members businesses to get things that we needed done anyways and hopefully give everyone a win-win.

With that being said, we need to make sure that these are legitimate businesses. I realize many of us have a lot of skills but just because you can change the oil in your vehicle, doesn't mean this is your chance to start an oil change business from your driveway haha!  
Please send all inquires to 
Thank you!