Each year the Department of North Carolina asks 1 post in our great state to host the Billy Ray Cameron Open.
Billy Ray Cameron, from VFW Post 5631 Sanford, was the State Commander for North Carolina 1975-1976 as well as the very first Vietnam War Veteran to be elected to National Commander-in-Chief 1984-1985. Billy Ray currently resided with his wife Jeannette in Sanford, NC. 

World War I Veteran, Otis Brown of VFW Post 2087 Greensboro, was State Commander 1936-1937 and elected to National Commander-in-Chief 1939-1940. Otis is buried at Guilford Memorial Park. 
The proceeds raised from the Billy Ray Cameron Open directly fund the Department's Billy Ray Cameron and Otis Brown Scholarships which are awarded to two students each year. The scholarships are $1,000 per year for 4 academic years. 
This year, VFW Post 2031, Statesville is hosting the event so please come on out and show some support! (Plus, we all know you need an excuse to get out of the house anyways!)