Here you will find training materials to help you succeed in your quest to help lead the VFW steadfast into the future. From tips and insight into recruiting new members, instructions on conducting a successful Post meeting, to downloading membership applications and brochures, this is your one-stop shop for valuable membership information and promotional resources.
New Member Information Packet Template - Feel free to modify this welcome packet any way you would like to better suit your Post. 
Training Videos and Webinars
Recruiting 101
Recruiting 101 continued 
Recruiting Webinar 
Completing applications and common eligibility questions
How to track paid and unpaid members of your Post
Understanding memstats and what the reports mean for you
Deceasing Members
Processing Installment Life within the OMS
Learn about
Ensure you're transferring members correctly in OMS
Membership Materials and How to Get Them 

Additional Training Material 
Recruiter Training Workshop Guide
Mobile Recruiter App
New Post Development & Revitalization Manual 
Fillable Membership Application 

Membership Brochure
Membership Brochure (Espanol)
VFW Fact Sheet
VFW Fact Sheet (Espanol)
Your VFW at a Glance
Membership Campaigning at the Post Level Brochure
Recruiting Just Got Easier Brochure
Legacy Life Membership Brochure
Women Veteran Brochure
Member Benefit Brochure
Life Upgrade Flyer

Eligibility Information & Requirements
One Pager Eligibility Sheet
World Map of Eligibility 
Recruiting Tools
Recruiter Success Pocket Guide
Base Access Guide
New Post Forming Poster
Door Hanger
Join Now Poster
Take Pride in Your Campaign 

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